Hi-Lo Super Steelers™

Faster Installation Means Quicker Builds. Hi-Lo Super Steelers are the Fastest. The High-Low thread makes for faster work. Perfect for attaching 5/8" gypsum to 25-20 gauge steel. The lighter the gauge, the better the hold. If you want your job done faster while still using a high-quality fastener, Hi-Lo Super Steelers are the right choice.

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#6 x 1-1/4”

#6 x 1-5/8”

#6 x 2”







Best for attaching gypsum (up to 5/8”) to 25ga-20ga steel.

High-Lo thread screws faster and gets a better hold in lighter gauges. 

  • Sharp point installs easier: The sharp point on the Hi-Lo Super Steeler finds its way through drywall and steel easier, saving you time on installation.
  • Bugle head promotes stability: The cone-shaped bugle head on Hi-Lo Super Steeler screws adds stability and prevents wobble during the fastening process, meaning more accuracy and quicker drilling on-the-job.
  • Lower cost: Despite being high quality, Hi-Lo Super Steelers make for a cost-effective fastening system solution.
  • High-low thread speeds up installation:Hi-Lo Super Steelers find their way through drywall and steel faster thanks to their unique high-low thread.

Hi-Lo Super Steelers feature a high-low thread, deep recess, and sharp point. Use a #2 Phillips for this bugle head screw. Part numbers range from 368HL to 768HL, depending on size. . Standard coating is rust protective phosphate. Hi-Lo Super Steelers meet one or more of ASTM C954, C1002 & C1513 as well as ISO 9002 and 14001.

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