Super Framer

Frame Fastening Made Easy. Attaching steel to steel can be tricky, especially getting a quality start. Super Framer screws are a great cost-effective option for making this process easier and quicker.

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Part #
23 & 23Z
#7 x 7/16"
Great for framing 25ga-20ga steel to steel. Identified by its deep recess & sharp point.

  • Sharp point installs easier: The sharp point on the Super Framer finds its way through steel easier, saving you time on installation.
  • Lower cost: Despite being high quality, Super Framers make for a cost-effective fastening system solution.

Super Framer screws feature a fine thread, deep recess, and sharp point. Use a #2 Phillips for this screw. Part numbers are 23 (phosphate coating) and 23Z, depending on size (“Z” denotes availability in zinc coating). Super Framers meet one or more of ASTM C954, C1002 & C1513 as well as ISO 9002 and 14001.

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