Easily Build 2-Hour I-Stud Fire-Rated Assemblies. Steeler, Inc. I-Studs are 2” wide vertical members used to secure two 1” thick pieces of gypsum shaft liner in Area Separation Wall assemblies. These are common in high-volume, multi-family buildings as a cost-effective way to contain the spread of fire.

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I-Studs (also referred to as H-Studs) are inserted into C-Runners and slid over gypsum panel liner edges. The process is repeated until the desired wall length is achieved. Once the wall is plumb, it is secure at the floor, roof and truss line with aluminum breakaway clips.

Steeler I-Studs are offered in 25 gage material which meets or exceeds ASTM A370, A1003, C754, E90, and E119.

  • Code integrity: Steeler Area Separation products are produced to meet or exceed ASTM C645. For generic assembly fire rating information, please refer to UL Design No. U336, U347, U366, U373 and U375. Galvanized sheet steel metal meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM A1003.
  • Save money in the long-term: We use a full zinc coating to greatly minimize rust formation, meaning your walls will last longer. Steel framing is not compromised by termites or mold, and holds up better against acts of nature when compared to wood framing. I-Studs are produced with G40 standard but G60 is available upon request.
  • Earn LEED Credits: Due to levels of recycled content in the coils we use, our steel studs are considered a green product, which can earn your projects LEED® points.

Web Size Offering: 2".

Flange Offering: 1".

Don’t see specifications for a part you need? Steeler also makes custom shapes for any need. 

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