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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Steeler, Inc. do?

We manufacture cold-formed steel framing members and supply drywall and distribution products for any construction project need. Our mission is to provide high-quality construction supplies to customers at a competitive price, while delivering top-notch service to help grow your business. More Details

What is cold-formed steel?

Cold-formed steel is steel that has been shaped at room-temperature, rather than with heat. This makes the material easy to work with and manipulate, yet maintains the durable properties of steel. It is primarily used in the automotive and construction industry due to its lighter weight (compared to hot steel) and lower cost. More Details

What standards apply to the minimum physical attributes of cold-formed steel products?

For non-structural members, the following standards apply:
  •  ASTM A1003, C653, C645, E72, E90, & E119
  • AISI North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel (NASPEC) 2001 w/ 2004 supplement
For structural members, the following standards apply:
  • ASTM A1003, C955, & C1007
  • AISI North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel (NASPEC) 2001 w/ 2004 supplement
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What is EQ/equivalent steel?

Equivalent steel is gaining popularity within the steel framing industry. Simply put, it is lighter, stronger steel that is manufactured to meet the same minimum performance specifications as steel of a traditional thickness counterpart. In terms of these properties, it is its "equivalent", even though it costs less to manufacture and is thus cheaper for you to purchase. Its lighter weight means less strain during installation and more linear feet per delivery, saving you time and money. More Details

What else does Steeler supply?

In addition to distributing high-quality cold-formed steel framing, we also carry a vast inventory of distribution goods and drywall products, including products from DeWalt, 3M, National Gypsum, Knauf Insulation and more; visit our Products page to view the full range of vendors we work with.

We carry our own line of drywall screws, many of which inspired competitor copycatting over the years. Steeler also sells an in-house line bit tips, bit tip holders, and chop saws. We are the exclusive supplier of the innovative Smooth Products line, and one of the few suppliers of the environmentally revolutionary Enviro-Beam™ products.
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What types of services does Steeler provide beyond the products?

Beyond the products we sell is a fundamental passion for growing your business and providing great customer service. Our sales representatives aren't looking to win a project, but rather a lasting relationship.

Our engineering team can supply solutions for just about any project need; this includes stamped plans and details, shop drawings, custom architectural specifications, stud and joist sizing, solutions to construction obstacles, LEED® support and more. Let Steeler guide you through building a safe, code-compliant building.

Steeler also carries an in-house delivery service of more than two dozen trucks and a credit department ready and willing to help you set up payments with us. For more information on what Steeler has to offer beyond the product, view our "Services" page.

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What areas does Steeler serve?

While we predominately work within the Western United States and Canada, Steeler products can be found across North America. Our 12 locations are conveniently located to best serve you and your project, while our long-haul capabilities ensure that nearly any customer is within reach. Visit our "Locations" page to find the Steeler location nearest you. More Details

Who can I call to order Steeler material from?

Our Corporate Sales team can be reached at 800.275.2279 or via email at You may also find a Steeler branch near you by visiting our Locations page.

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What does the phrase "Shaping City Skylines Since 1974" mean?

Steeler, Inc. has been involved in dozens of multi-story and large-scale projects since its inception in 1974. Our products are present in buildings seen across the skylines of west-coast cities, which is why we take acclaim for "shaping" them.

Today, Steeler continues to be used in large-scale projects, thanks to efficient production and delivery capabilities, product innovation, and competitive pricing.
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How many LEED® points can I earn on a project using Steeler products?

It depends, but Steeler products may earn your project up to 11 potential points. Steeler, Inc. is stepping up to the environmental challenges of today and contributing to future generations by supporting green building with green products. For more information, view our LEED Support subsection within the Support section. More Details

How long will a galvanized G40/G60/G90 coating last?

How long the galvanization lasts depends primarily on the site conditions (i.e. temperature, exposure, moisture, etc.), with a linear relationship between coating thickness and ability to resist corrosion. So, doubling the thickness of a uniform zinc coating will double the time it protects the steel. The AISI has a good guide on the durability of steel framing members here.

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What fire rating or sound rating do Steeler studs have?

Steeler steel framing members can be used in any fire/sound rated assembly listed anywhere (Gypsum Association Manual, UL Website, National Gyspum Co) that was tested with generic studs. Each tested assembly lists a minimum depth and gauge of stud that is required to meet the rating listed. More Details

I need a UL fire rated assembly (walls and interior partitions, shaftwall head-of-wall, floor-ceiling systems, etc.), which assembly should I use?

The Architect of Record and Engineer of Record should be able to tell you which UL file No. is required for the project. There are several other resources to help you in choosing the correct fire rated assembly for your project. You can search the UL database of fire rated assemblies here. The number to search should begin with the UL designated letters for the type of assembly you are looking for:

Prefix Letters
Group of Construction
A Floor-Ceiling Designs - Concrete with Cellular Steel Floor Units and Beam Support
D Floor-Ceiling Designs - Concrete with Steel Floor Units and Beam Support
I Non-load-bearing Horizontal Barrier
J or K Floor-Ceiling Designs - Precast and Field Poured Concrete
L Floor-Ceiling Designs - Wood or Combination Wood and Steel Joist Assemblies
N Beam Designs for Floor-Ceiling Assemblies
P Roof-Ceiling Designs
S Beam Designs for Roof-Ceiling Assemblies
U or V Wall and Partition Designs
X or Y Column Designs

For instance, Search U* will list all UL rated wall assemblies. From there you can click "Refine Your Search" and enter all of your project design criteria (1HR vs. 2HR) and enter applicable Keywords such as 1" for 1" deflection. Additionally, UL architectural services can assist by calling 1-877-854-3577 (option 5 or extension 49590). National Gypsum Co. has excellent fire rating technical services and can be reached at 1-800-National. The Gypsum Association Design Manual GA-600-12 has several fire-rated assemblies. As always, our engineering team is available at 206-725-2500.

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I found a fire assembly with 3.625" deep studs. How would using a 6" stud affect the fire rating?

A deeper stud of the same gauge can be used without changing the fire rating of an assembly. More Details

I found an assembly that meets the sound transmission requirements of the project. How does changing the materials affect the STC rating?

The sound transmission class (STC) rating of gypsum board (GWB) stud partitions depends on a variety of factors. Some general guidelines are outlined below:

  • A decrease in wall density would result in an increase in the STC rating.
  • Lightweight steel studs, such as 25-gauge steel will provide higher STC ratings than wood or S-J structural studs. Systems using resilient channel with Wood and S-J structural studs have a comparable, or slightly better, sound isolation compared to 25 gauge metal studs.
  • 25 gauge steel studs will provide approximately a 5-6 STC point increase compared to wood or S-J structural studs.
  • Increasing the stud depth for both metal and wood studs results in a modest STC increase.
  • 25 gauge steel studs will provide approximately a 3 STC point increase for each doubling of stud size. Wood or S-J structural studs provide an approximate 1-2 STC point increase for each doubling of studsize.
  • Increasing the stud spacing to 24" from 16" on center will result in a slight increase in STC rating. For 25 gauge steel studs this increase would be approximately 1 STC.
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What does a deflection of L/120 mean exactly?

The L refers to the length of the stud or joist. Assuming an 8' joist and L/120 would be as follows: 8' = 96" = L. L/120 = So 96"/120=0.8 inches of deflection at the mid-span of the joists. More Details

What are common deflection limits for a floor joist? What about exterior or interior walls?

The building component deflection criteria should be determined by the Engineer of Record familiar with the building materials that will be attached to the component. Sometimes the deflection limitation is determined by a code minimum, floor vibrations under loading, or the flexibility (or in-flexibility) of the materials attached to the component.Common limits are as follows for both dead loads and live loads:

  • Floor joist – L/240
  • Exterior walls with plaster or stucco finishes –L/360
  • Exterior walls with flexible finishes – L/120
  • Interior walls – L/120
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Why the changes to the logo and website?

Steeler, Inc. is a company that is growing. We felt our old logo, while patriotic and full of nostalgia, was preventing the Steeler brand from reaching its potential. We know that the old was outdated and generally unhelpful. That's why we dedicated time and money into these two betterments: to modernize our look and shape our brand to better reflect who we are as a company. These external improvements are a reflection of the massive advancements in efficiency made by us within the company. More Details

What separates Steeler from the competition?

We hope you'll find that dedication to our customers is what separates us. Our people strive to go above-and-beyond to exceed expectations, and push to beat those heightened expectations during the next project. We appreciate the relationships we form and continually work towards providing our customers with the best value possible, in terms of both products and services.  More Details

What qualities will you see in action at Steeler?

We are competitive. Both at work and home, our team plays to win. Our people are driven, knowledgeable professionals who offer industry-leading customer service and support. We are results-oriented, but know that the means by which you succeed are often as important as success itself. This honesty allows for us to continue building trusting relationships, ensuring 40 more years of business and beyond. More Details

Do Steeler products meet the terms of the Buy American and/or Buy America Acts?

Steeler steel does meet the terms of the Buy American Act. Just be sure to tell your representative before you place your order that we need to supply Buy American products only. Steeler screws are produced in Taiwan and therefore automatically meet Buy American per a WTO agreement established in 2009. As for our numerous distribution items, it depends on the product/manufacturer, so let us know you require Buy American products and we will do our best to fulfill across all products.

Buy America is slightly more stringent and substitutions are recommended when possible. If you can provide 8-12 weeks notice, we can procure coils that are Buy America, but due to the low demand for these products we require that the customer purchase the entire coil(s) of this custom-order material.

For more information on both Buy American & Buy America as it pertains to Steeler, visit our blog post about the topic here.

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