Supporting the Contractor Team

Steeler Inc. project support

Steel Framing SupportThe Steeler team offers support throughout the project cycle to help your building best take shape. That being said, the new and improved is another great resource for all of your quick questions. This section is devoted to those quick references you need when checking specifications, filling out LEED® Credit applications, and more.

Our Support pages include:

  • Product Catalogs : Download or view our expansive product literature library. You can request a physical copy of any of our product catalogs on this page as well.
  • LEED® Support : This page breaks down the various LEED credits our manufactured steel products can earn your project, as well as manufacturer documentation required to receive certain LEED credits.
  • Case Studies : This section showcases specific projects in which Steeler was able to help customers save money, plan for cold-formed steel use, and more.
  • CAD/BIM Details :Visit Steeler's page on ARCAT to view architectural specifications and CAD/BIM drawings.
  • Frequently Asked Questions : Also known as “FAQ”, these are the answers to questions you may be asking.


Steel 101

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Steel, An Upgrade

Jul, 18 2016 — Cold-formed steel may be your go-to framing system but you can upgrade to Steeler Inc.'s EQ Steel option, the Elite Framing System, the big brother to standard steel products. ... Read More »