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Steeler Inc. offers engineering services to assist in your project


The Steeler engineering team is here to support the planning and execution of your project designs. Supplying your vision is our business. To promote our own development, we’ve invested in a number of association memberships. We registered with ARCAT to ensure that our CAD & BIM drawings and architectural specifications are up-to-date and easily accessible. We became members of the U.S. Green Building Council to make certain that our engineers are LEED® savvy and green building experts. We joined the Steel Framing Industry Association because we are confident in their strong membership group, stringent testing procedures, and overall ability to promote the steel framing industry.


We offer a number of engineering services to assist you on your next project. These include:

Also available upon request are:

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To contact a member of our engineering team, please call 206.760.7100, or email us at 

When not assisting customers, our engineers perform critical safety testing and develop innovative new products. From the Elite Steel Framing System to the Steeler Slotted Stud ™, back to the original development our line of screws and cold-formed steel framing materials, Steeler has been a thought leader within the framing industry for 40 years.


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