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Steeler INc. sustainable framing and products

usgbc-member-logo.jpgSteeler Inc. is stepping up to the environmental challenges of today and contributing to future generations by supporting green building with green products. Steeler Inc. framing systems and products are the environmentally responsible choice. Below is a list of LEED® Credits that can apply to your project and to sustainability of the built environment. Let us help you do your part by specifying Steeler framing and products.

LEED Credit MR 2

Construction Waste Management (1-2 points)

Steeler framing products are manufactured from cold-formed steel (CFS). CFS is 100% recyclable and therefore contributes significantly to LEED Credit MR 2. The specific contribution amounts will vary depending on the project and construction decisions.

LEED Credit MR 4

Recycled Content (1-2 points)

Steeler framing products contain a minimum of 26% post-consumer and 7% pre-consumer recycled steel content for a minimum of 33% recyclable. Recycled content of materials contributes to LEED Credits MR 4. If notified in advance, Steeler can order steel containing higher percentages of recycled content to meet your specific project needs. Contact Steeler technical services prior to ordering so we can help support your project goals.

LEED Credit MR 5

Regional Materials (1-2 points)

Steeler framing products contain a large percentage of locally sourced materials and can contribute to LEED Credits MR 5. Materials contributing to these credits must be extracted, harvested, or recovered, and manufactured within a 500 mile radius OR <500 miles of total travel distance using a weighted mileage contribution depending on the means of travel. View the PDF below for more information on Regional Materials credits

LEED Credit ID 1

Innovation in Design (1-2 points)

Steeler framing can contribute to LEED Credits ID 1 through Path 2 and exemplary performance for Recycled Content and/or Regional Materials. Credit for exemplary performance may require steel with a higher than average recycled content. Contact Steeler technical services prior to ordering so we can support your project goals by ordering highly recycled steel.

LEED Credit RP 1

Regional Priority (1-3 points)

Steeler framing can contribute to LEED Credits RP 1 by addressing geographic-specific environmental priorities. If your project area has defined any of the above LEED Credits as a regional priority, then your project qualifies for one credit per priority met. Verify your project’s regional priority credits at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) website, www.usgbc.org

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Steeler Inc. supports the U.S. Green Building Council by retaining LEED knowledgeable professionals on staff. Steeler Inc. engineering services (206-760-7100) can assist you in documenting and applying LEED Certification Credits to your project. Let’s develop a more sustainable building environment together! Please refer to the following LEED documents for for further information on LEED credits:



Materials & Resources Credit


Regional Materials Credit


Potential LEED Points





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