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product development efforts

arcat-logo-multi.jpgOur engineering team is the catalyst for new product development, so we look to invest in them whenever possible. Our ARCAT membership is just one example of this dedication. Visit the Steeler page on ARCAT to download and view CAD and BIM drawings. We also have a “Specs” section, which features Architectural Specifications and an “e-Catalog”. We’re adding drawings every month, but if you don’t see a product you’d like more information on, please contact our engineering department at (206) 760-7100 or email us at



Steel 101

Jul, 25 2016 — When Iron Ore mom loves Carbon dad very much and a little heat is applied, Steel is born. ... Read More »

Steel, An Upgrade

Jul, 18 2016 — Cold-formed steel may be your go-to framing system but you can upgrade to Steeler Inc.'s EQ Steel option, the Elite Framing System, the big brother to standard steel products. ... Read More »