DeWalt Tools & Accessories

Guaranteed Tough®.The gold standard in the tool industry, DeWalt makes products that are built to last.

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DeWalt products are well-respected within the construction industry, which is why we supply the full line of DeWalt products to fill all your project needs.

Steeler is a proud supplier of the entire DeWalt product line. This includes drill bit tips, screwdrivers, impact drivers, drills, saws, lasers, reciprocating saw blades and more. Visit for full product offerings.

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Bit Tips

The Right Tip for Every Fastener.Steeler carries a complete line of bit tips to fit any screw head you might come across on-the-job. Because we know that discovering you don’t have the right bit tip just as you’re about to install the first stud is a bit like getting to the first tee and realizing you don’t have any golf balls.

Super Steelers™

Fast. Easy-to-use. Super Steelers. Much like other things "super", our standard drywall to steel screw is engineered for speed and strength. We've hosted many screw competitions over the years, and Super Steelers always seem to come out on top. Save time and money on jobs by using our Super Steeler screw for your drywall to steel fastening needs.

3M Products

3M makes a wide array of products, but one product line of interest to us is their construction supplies. Buy a name you trust to assist you on your next project.