Pacific Laser Systems

The Professional Standard. Measure once with precision, install once. PLS Laser Systems ensure even walls done right the first time.

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PLS laser tools allow for easier layout, installation, and quality control. Less time spent on these three tasks means big savings on your project.

Steeler is a proud supplier of the entire PLS product line. This includes point-to-point, continuous line, and rotary lasers and more. Visit for full product offerings.

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ELITE Steel Framing System™

User Friendly, Steeler Tough. The Steeler Elite Framing System ™ is the next generation of cold-formed steel framing products. Made of quality high-strength galvanized steel, Elite products are designed to be lighter, stronger and more efficient than their conventional counterparts and have been used by leaders in the industry all over the west coast. The Elite Steel Framing System was designed to save you transportation, labor, and material costs, providing a more intelligent framing system than ever before. With a vast range of web and flange sizes and the most thicknesses offered in the industry, Elite can fulfill most any project requirements. Elite is a game-changer for all those involved in the building process.