Pre-Insulated Envirobeam

Build Smarter and Faster. We’re excited to offer Evolution 1 LLC products because we believe in pre-insulated steel framing members and their ability to save time and money on a job. The Pre-Insulated Envirobeam product line offers environmentally sensitive building products for the construction industry.

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Evolution 1 LLC produces a full line of environmentally sensitive pre-insulated steel framing members. The polystyrene insulation that comes pre-packed in envirobeam and eliminates the need for on-the-job insulation installation.

  • Saves Energy: Pre-insulated steel products provide insulation and vastly better thermal resistance than uninsulated steel framing members. Its environmentally friendly design features a minimum of 25% recycled steel and foam, elimnating waste.

  • Simple to Install: Envirobeam products are easy to work with and install in a snap. Easy installation makes the Envirobeam product line ideal for large-scale projects.

  • Superior Strength: Envirobeam products are manufactured with high quality cold-formed steel that is certified AISC S911-08 strength tested. Its unique design helps transfer wind and seismic loads.
  • Pre-Engineered to Save you Time: Because they are pre-insulated, Envirobeam products require very little customization on the job. The preformed steel members mean fewer working parts and faster installation.

Steeler is an authorized distributor of the entire Enviro-Beam line. This includes the E-Beam HD (pre-insulated steel header), E-Header Sill, E-King (pre-insulated alternative to the standard dual stud), E-Connection Plate, E-Corner (pre-insulated outside corners), E-Roof Curb, and E-Skylight Curb. Visit for more information and full product offerings.

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