MURCO Wall Products

Founded in 1971 and based in the southern United States, Murco Wall Products, Inc. strive to offer quality drywall and paint products at an affordable price.

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Murco relies on stringent quality-testing procedures and excellent service to support customers throughout the build process. Products like these make Steeler your one-stop supply company.

Steeler is a proud supplier of the entire Murco product line. This includes compound, paints, primers and more. Visit for full product offerings.

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Z Furring Channel

Make Installing Rigid Drywall EZ. The Steeler Z Furring Channel is an installer's dream, as it allows you to create a firmer and more level foundation to support rigid drywall. Developed for use on concrete and masonry walls, Steeler Z Furring Channel is heavy-duty enough to supplement the strongest of structures.


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