Adapa, Inc.

Adapa, Inc. produces durable material handling carts & window guides to help you stock your job easier. While their focus is on moving gypsum board, their high-quality carts can be used in a number of applications on most construction jobsites. 

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Adapa products are built to withstand tough conditions, accidental abuse, and anything else your jobsite can throw at them. From moving drywall to loading and unloading trash, Adapa carts and glides make transport of materials easy.

Steeler is a distributor of the entire Adapa product line. This includes drywall carts, trash carts, window glides, drywall gates, and more. Visit for more information and full product offerings.

  • Uses powdered paints applied electrostatically, which bond better to metal and don't contain environmentally-damaging solvents.
  •  Casters are highly rated, meaning a smooth, durable ride for all carts.
  • Careful hot welding of seams makes for tougher carts.
  • Steel bodies hold their shape and can handle heavier loads.

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