Structural Metal Stud Framing

Shaping City Skylines Since 1974. Our steel members 33 mil and higher are engineered for use in structural applications. As you can find in our Project Gallery section, Steeler is proud to have been involved in quite a few large-scale projects over our 40 year history. Many of these projects could not have been built without the use of Steeler structural steel stud framing, which is known for being stronger and thicker (compared to its non-structural counterpart). For heavy-duty jobs, you can trust Steeler structural metal stud framing to handle the load.

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Members 33ES (Elite) or 033 (traditional) and thicker are engineered to be load bearing and thus structural. Our structural steel framing meets or exceeds ASTM A370, A1003, C754, C955, C1513, E90, and E119.

  • Build taller walls: Structural steel framing is rated to be built higher thanks to the heavier gauge material used. This means more efficient walls and less installation time.
  • Safety first design means fewer accidents during installation: Our hemmed option eliminates sharp edges, reducing business liability.
  • Save money in the long-term: We use a full zinc coating to greatly minimize rust formation, meaning your walls will last longer. Steel framing is not compromised by termites or mold, and holds up better against acts of nature when compared to wood framing.
  • Earn LEED Credits: Because of its recyclability, Steeler structural steel framing is considered a green product, which can earn your projects LEED® points.

Traditional Thickness Steel Framing Products Offered by Shape Code: 

  • S = Stud
  • T = Track
  • A = Angle
  • F = Furring Channel ("DWC")
  • H = Shaftwall Stud
  • J = J Track
  • B = Brake Shape
  • K = Flat Stock 
  • C = Slotted Track
  • N = Slotted Stud
  • L = Slip Track
  • R = Sound Resilient Channel ("SRC")
  • U = Cold-Rolled Channel ("CRC")
  • Z = Z Furring Channel
  • P = Pony Wall Studs
  • I = Steeler Floor Joist

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Pony Wall Supports

Add Pony Power to your Walls. Steeler Pony Wall Supports bolster steel framing walls by attaching to either side of your wall's "C" stud. While engineered for shorter walls to ensure balance and prevent tipping, Steeler Pony Wall Supports can be custom-built for walls up to 10'. Ask about adding horsepower to your next project!

Shaftwall Studs

Create Smarter Shaftwall Systems. Steeler Shaftwall Studs (also known as C-H Studs) can be easily combined with J Track to craft economical yet tough shaftwall systems. With a fire rating of up to 2 hours, Steeler C-H Studs are UL certified for Fire Resistance Rating, meaning peace-of-mind for designers and elevated safety for occupants. Steeler C-H Studs are hemmed, so they are safer and easier to work with on-the-job. For fire resistant stairways, elevator shafts and more, bolster your project with Steeler Shaftwall Studs.

Super Hex Drillers

Add Driller Speed to your HVAC Work. HVAC installation can be cumbersome, but don’t let your screws let you down. This fast and user-friendly hex washer head screw holds true and installs easier.