Furring Channel

Level the Building Field. Steeler Furring Channel (also known as "Hat" channel) is a cost-effective way to ensure even walls. Our simple-to-use Furring Channel installs easily with gypsum products to create level ceiling and wall systems. Protecting your interior and exterior framing members from uneven surfaces, flames, and moisture is a job best reserved for Steeler Furring Channel.

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Steeler furring channel is offered in the following gauges: 25, 25TI, 30ES, 22, 20DW (030 mils), 20 (033 mils), 18, 16, and 14.

Our steel furring channel meets or exceeds ASTM A370, A1003, C754, C955, E90, and E119. Members 20 gauge and thicker are engineered for some exterior applications. For drop ceiling applications use Steeler hanger wire, clips or screws to securely attach furring channel.

  • More selection for any project need: We offer more depth and thickness combinations, giving you furring channel for every job.
  • Make uneven surfaces level:Steeler Furring Channel is the best method for leveling uneven surfaces, saving save you time on installation. 
  • Save money in the long-term: We use a full zinc coating to greatly minimize rust formation, meaning your walls will last longer. Steel framing is not compromised by termites or mold, and holds up better against acts of nature when compared to wood framing.
  • Earn LEED Credits: Due to levels of recycled content in the coils we use, our furring channel is considered a green product, which can earn your projects LEED® points.

Depth Offerings: 1/2”, 7/8", and 1-1/2".

Standard Length Offerings: 12’ and 20’, but custom lengths are available upon request.

For more specifications, including Section Properties, see our Support section.

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