Jul 06

Steeler Inc.

Limiting Heights Cheat Sheets

by Steeler Inc.

How High Can This Stud Go?


Use These Two Resources to Quickly Find the Limiting Heights You Need

To help determine the limiting heights for your non-structural and structural gage studs, we developed a pair of easy-to-use Excel sheets. When you offer as many web/flange/thickness combinations as we do, the tables can be difficult to read quickly and easily. That's what the following docs are for:


Table 6 Limiting Heights (Structural)


Table 7 Limiting Heights (Non-Structural)

Instructions: Use these Excel sheets as a quick, easy-to-use reference the next time you need a quick limiting height. As a reminder, generic submittals packages can be created on our Submittals page with custom submittals available for any project by emailing us at marketing@steeler.com.