May 05

Steeler Inc.

QuietRock Added to Steeler Product Line

by Steeler Inc.

quietrock_products_brochure.pngYour Solution for Silent Walls

QuietRock Addition Gives You More Sound Damping Options

Steeler is a proud vendor of the full QuietRock product line. This includes the revolutionary QuietRock ES.

  1. Easier Install: Easily score and snap using the breakthrough EZ-SNAP technology. No cutting required.
  2. Superior Noise Damping: QuietRock ES has no paper and no metal inside the panel yet delivers acoustical ratings of up to STC 60.
  3. Toughness: QuietRock ES is fire-rated for 1 hour, Type X (per ASTM E119, UL263) and is approved for use in many two hour fire-rated assemblies. It can be used in load bearing walls and on ceilings thanks to quality manufacturing.

QuietRock ES Mold Resistant is the only score and snap mold resistant sound damping gypsum panel available, offering the same sound damping qualities as QuietRock ES while achieving a maximum score of 10 on the ASTM D3273 mold test.

For more information on QuietRock, including submittals, installation instructions and a products brochure, visit