Jun 16

Steeler Inc.

Product Feature: Sound Resilient Channel

by Steeler Inc.

src.jpgSuperior Sound Damping Performance for Quiet Walls

Steeler Sound Resilient Channel is Ideal for Residential and Multi-Family Construction

Steeler SRC (Sound Resilient Channel) is an economical solution to minimizing sound transmission between rooms in commercial or residential buildings. Used in conjunction with gypsum wallboard, sound caulking, and other typical sound isolation practices, this product will greatly reduce the transmission of sound between rooms or units of a building. Steeler's SRC is Lab Certified to STC 56.

Benefits to Steeler SRC include:

  1. Easy Install: Our SRC is made with pre-drilled screw holes, which will save you time without compromising performance.
  2. Build Quieter Walls: A STC 56 rating on Steeler Resilient Channel means this product dampens sound at a high level. 
  3. Save Money: Our competitively priced, economical design passes direct savings to our customers. A galvanized coating means a long shelf - or in this case, wall - life.

Steeler Sound Resilient Channel meets or exceeds ASTM E 90, E119, and E336 and is available in 18 mil (25 gauge) galvanized material. 

Flange Offerings:  1-1/4" and Extra Wide 1-1/2".

Length Offerings:  Standard is 12', but custom lengths are available.