Jun 30

Steeler Inc.

Mil Thickness Color Code Cheat Sheets

by Steeler Inc.

What Color are 030 steel studs marked?


Never Find Yourself Guessing Delivered Steel Thicknesses Again

To help identify part thicknesses quickly and easily on the job site, Steeler marks each bundle of steel with a corresponding paint color. When you offer 15 potential steel thicknesses like we do, it can become complex to keep track of - until now. We have developed this portable card to help keep track of all those mil thickness options:


Mil Color Code Cards

Instructions: Use these Mil Color Code Cards as a quick, easy-to-carry reference the next time a shipment of Steeler steel framing arrives at your job site. Print on a color printer with Two-sided printing enabled and you will have handy 3.5" x 2.4" cards showing all of our mil color codes